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every-youthEvery Scout, every Scout Leader and every parent needs to be TRAINED.  A Scout troop is only as good as its trained Scouts, leaders and parents.  Troop 421 has a proud tradition of being one of the best troops in Longhorn Council.  Please help our troop remain one of the best Scouting units around by taking as much training as possible.  Below is a list of training available to Scouts, Scout leaders and parents.

Everyone 18 years and older who has any interaction whatsoever with Scouts, whether talking to Scouts, driving Scouts to events or otherwise interacting with Scouts SHOULD take Youth Protection Training (YPT).  ALL registered Scout leaders HAVE to take YPT to sign up as an adult leader and must renew their YPT training every 2 years.  Another online course, This is Scouting , is  highly recommended for all adults in order to fully understand what Scouting is all about.

There is a lot of fun and very useful training listed below for Scouts and Adults.  And much of the adult training is now online so it can be taken at any time.  The completion of Youth Protection Training (YPT) and YOUR Position-Specific Training is the measurement for being “Trained” in the BSA, allowing you to wear the Trained patch for your current position.

trained-badge i-want-you

So PLEASE help us…to help Troop 421…by taking as much training below as possible.

Scouts Scouters
ILST – Intro. To Leadership Skills for Troops
NYLT – Twin Arrows National Youth Leadership Training
NAYLE – National Advanced Youth Leadership Experience
BSA Online Learning Center
Youth Protection Training (Online)
Fast Start
This Is Scouting
Troop Committee Member
Scoutmaster / Assistant Scoutmaster
Safe Swim
Safety Afloat
Hazardous Weather
Climb On Safely
Trek Safely

Wilderness First Aid / CPR
University of Scouting
IOLS – Northstar
Trainer’s Edge
Powder Horn
Philmont Training Center

BSA Training Recertification

To keep Scouts safe and keep Scout leaders up-to-date with current information and methods, some of the BSA’s training courses need to be retaken every couple of years.  Below is a list of these courses and how often they should be retaken to remain valid.

Training Course How Often to Retake
Youth Protection (YPT) every 2 years
National Camping School after 5 camping seasons
BSA Swim Test every year
Safe Swim Defense every 2 years
Paddle Craft Safety every 3 years
Aquatics Supervision/Swimming and Water Rescue every 3 years
BSA Lifeguard every 3 years
Visitation Training every 2 years
Lead Climbing Instructor every 5 years
Climbing Instructor every 2 years
COPE/Climbing Inspector every 2 years
Safety Afloat every 2 years
Chain Saw Safety every 2 years
Trainer’s EDGE every 3 years
Hazardous Weather every 2 years
Physical Wellness every 2 years
Climb On Safely every 2 years
Trek Safely every 2 years


© 2021 Boy Scouts of America, Troop 421. All Rights Reserved. 
© 2021 Boy Scouts of America, Troop 421. All Rights Reserved.