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Troop 421 participates in several fundraisers each year so Scouts have the opportunity to earn their way to summer camp, participate in high adventure treks or save up for campout and special event costs. The Troop always holds Popcorn Sales in the fall along with Flag Installations in the nearby Wimbledon neighborhood. There are numerous show and sell dates available to work popcorn sales, as well as multiple flag installation dates on holidays throughout the summer and fall. Working these fundraisers can really add to a Scout’s “Scout Bucks” account and make more costly adventures affordable.

Occasionally the Troop will hold additional fundraisers to help Scouts raise more money for special adventures that may require a bus/van charter or other large expenses. In the past, this has included working with Kohls Cares, Camp Card, Beef Jerky, and Salsa sales, as well as holding Spaghetti Dinners. The Troop encourages Scouts to work these fundraisers to help offset costs for their family and to help the Troop and community. After all, a Scout is Helpful and Thrifty.

popcorn street spagehetti-dinner camp-card kohls-cares

© 2021 Boy Scouts of America, Troop 421. All Rights Reserved. 
© 2021 Boy Scouts of America, Troop 421. All Rights Reserved.